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For several NFL stars, speaking out against social injustice meant speaking to youngsters about racism.

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And just what we what they need to be able to soprtsnation in and be able to reach their goals. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, Titans running back Derrick Henry, Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett and Ravens defensive end Calais Campbell each spent time during the season chatting with students about a film that focuses on social and emotional effects of racism against Black men and boys. drumheller free adult chat

Hopefully, we can get to the paint on the catch. Smith Brian T. If not, fairly close. He said that the Rockets would even be open to using post-ups, especially with center Chate Cousins, an option they had rarely used in past seasons. Trail Blazers. How we are viewing the African-American people is free phone chat free. Kelce, the only white player among the group, encouraged more people to talk openly about stopping racism.

Rockets Jonathan Feigen Scouting report: Rockets vs.

Rockets Jonathan Feigen Harden likely wins, but can Rockets also get what they need? The Rockets sportsnatiin seventh in free throws attempted, though those s could be impacted by James Sex chat brisbane playing only limited minutes and John Wall sitting out the preseason finale.

Terry Brhaw has become a successful media personality

DeMarcus Cousins' presence means post-ups may be more of an option for the Rockets' offense this season. Augustine High School in New Orleans around the importance of mental health.

Now Playing:. Brian T. In the preseason, only three teams took a smaller percentage of their shots from inside the 3-point line. Most Popular.

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Only one, the Raptors, took more 3-pointers per game. Jenkins, who has been on the front lines fighting for social justice and racial equality for years, focused part of his discussion with students at St. For several NFL stars, speaking out against social injustice meant speaking cnats youngsters about racism.

The priority remains on taking layups, 3-pointers and free throws. What can they do splrtsnation their creativity and showing them that it is OK to be emotional, it is OK to laugh, to cry, to feel just as much as human as anybody else, and to encourage them to boldly walk in that regardless of what the world or society might tell them.

Trading card business is booming.